Leadership Opportunities


The Student Prefects set an example of Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge through unseen and often unacknowledged service to their fellow St. Michael’s College School students. Student Prefects of St. Michael’s officially represent the best St. Michael’s has to offer academically, artistically and athletically. They have assisted in Open Houses, Parents’ Association functions, Welcome Days, the New Student Blazer Ceremony, Leadership Camp, and the Fashion Show.

Student Government

The St. Michael’s Student Government promotes the academic, spiritual, and student life of the school. It is comprised of student representatives who are elected by the student body. Elections are held in April for next year's positions of President, Vice President, Grade 11 Representative and Grade 10 Representative. During the school year, the student government hosts spirit initiatives, including dances and an energetic Spirit Week leading up to Homecoming. It also organizes charitable fundraisers such as Thanksgiving Food Drives; Winter Christmas Baskets; and the Spread the Net Student, in 2011-12 school year the student body donated over $25,000 to purchase bed nets for children in Africa to prevent the spread of malaria.

Leadership Camp

At the beginning of each May approximately 100 grade 9-12 students spend three days at camp in a leadership-training programme. These students fill out an application and provide a reference to be accepted into this unique camp. The boys spend time on workshops that are focused on enriching their leadership skills. They learn how to assist the Outdoor Education Staff in the fall, and they spend time discussing techniques for being effective and caring role models for the September camps. These boys act as student counselors for each cabin at the above camps. They are the backbone of the experiential education camps and we are very proud of how effective this peer mentorship programme is at creating community back at SMCS.

Afterschool Leadership Programme

The afterschool leadership programme provides students with an opportunity to harness their leadership skills and to design leadership initiatives that help to promote a positive culture both within the school and the larger community. Students meet on a weekly basis to define their GPAR’s - goals, plans, actions and evaluate their results. The programme is run by students for students. In the past, students have led a leadership retreat, participated in a vow of silence and 30 hour famine, organized Special Olympics and a variety of social events for the students. Students learn about the importance of leading themselves and others through teamwork and planning. This club is open to students in grades 9-12 and runs throughout the year. The cost is $40-50, which covers the cost of retreats and events.

Leadership Class

This course is open to all Grade 11 students and provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective communication, leadership, and service to others in the school and community. It recognizes that the students must understand the concept of leadership and must be able to lead themselves before they can be effective leaders for others. It also recognizes the qualities of leaders and holds Jesus as our role model of a leader. The goal of the course is to bring self and others into a more personal relationship with Jesus through service in the school, parish and the global community. It will provide the student with a process for effective learning which the learner can use throughout his life. The student will identify and effectively use personal management skills and demonstrate an understanding of effective learning strategies and barriers to effective learning that will help him to be successful in leadership and peers support roles.

Throughout this course students will develop attitudes and values founded on Catholic social teaching and act to promote social responsibility, solidarity, and the common good. Students will also develop skills in communication, interpersonal relations, coaching, leadership, teamwork, and conflict management. This course offers the student the opportunity to provide assistance to others and to address the needs of the community by utilizing their God-given talents and abilities and applying them to roles such as tutoring, mentoring, student council involvement, and other leadership positions within the greater community.