Mentorship Opportunities

Our St. Michael’s College School mentorship programme begins before a young man enters the school, continues during his time in the classroom, and follows him throughout life, long after graduation.

The aim of the programme is to build strong ties to St. Michael’s College School and reinforce a sense of belonging within our truly unique environment.

Implemented in the Basilian Fathers’ tradition of preparing young men for a life of faith, character, and service, and it is designed to impact positively and directly our students, their mentors, and the greater school community.

Students will have the opportunity to gain an academic advantage by augmenting and deepening their learning with the help of a mentor who provides current practice, authentic situations, and connections beyond the classroom. Students are able to enrich their educational experiences and pursue areas of personal interest along with increasing their skill set, confidence, networking, and motivation for future goals.

The Mentorship Programme has Five Components

The Ambassador

This is the first mentorship opportunity for both new and prospective students. Our Office of Admissions hosts Shadow a St. Michael’s Man Days for prospective students. This is the first opportunity for young men to experience the sense of community that we have at St. Michael’s College School.

Student to Student

At St. Michael’s College School, there are many opportunities for our young men to develop their leadership and mentoring skills through activities and other co-curricular events. In each of these instances, leadership students are working with other students to provide guidance and encouragement.

Alumnus to Student

The St. Michael’s College School Alumni Association is a strong, vibrant group of dedicated graduates with a steadfast desire to stay connected and supportive of the school. Students who would benefit from this support are connected with their mentors through the Student Affairs Department.

Athlete to Student-Athlete

Athletics plays a significant role at St. Michael’s College School, and many of our students excel to the point that academic opportunity arises from their athletic abilities. In conjunction with the Athletic Department and Student Affairs, our student athletes will have an opportunity to be paired and mentored by members of our community who have been able to combine both successfully.

Alumni to Alumni

Just as our alumni are generous in their support of current students, so too are they in support of each other. Alumni who are established in their careers can be paired with another alumnus who is presently in post-secondary education, or alumni can provide guidance, support, and networking opportunities for each other.